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Essays Fantasy Fiction

"All Shall Love Me and Despair"

Examines the mythic figure of Lilith in the works of Tolkien, Lewis, and other fantasy authors.


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"I Have to Tell You a Story"

A few thoughts on the compulsory nature of writing.

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"The Magical Moment in Fantasy"

What I am looking for when I read fantasy, and when I write it.

ALAN Review

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"The Queen of the Night"

An essay on the necessity of seizing one's destiny, however strange.

New Advocate fall '88

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"A Lion in the Room"

We are more than we appear. Sometimes, just when we least expect them, unknown resources come to our aid.

Horn Book

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"Light and Shadow"

Recounts some of the folklore and early experiences that inspired the Darkangel trilogy.

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Inspiration lies all around us. We must listen to the voices that speak to us, whatever their source.

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"On the Making of Monsters"

Questing for monsters, we should look within.

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"Out of This World"

Public libraries are strongly urged to sponsor science fiction booktalks for teenagers in the schools.

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"Riddle Me This"

I am in love with riddles, particularly those that ask, "Who am I?"

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"In Unicorn Skin"

To write truthfully and well, we must get inside our characters' skin.

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Works in Series



The Darkangel Trilogy

Editions and Cover Art




The Darkangel

Aeriel must destroy a winged vampyre before he enslaves all the kingdoms of the Moon.

Darkangel U.S. trade


Editions and Cover Art




A Gathering of Gargoyles

Aeriel goes in search of the Moon's ancient guardians in order to defeat the darkangel's brothers.

Gargoyles U.S. trade


Editions and Cover Art




The Pearl of the Soul of the World

Aeriel leads her army in the struggle to save the Moon from the ice-hearted sorceress who created the darkangels.

Pearl U.S. trade


Editions and Cover Art




The Firebringer Trilogy



Birth of the Firebringer

A young prince of the unicorns discovers that he is destined to become the legendary Firebringer.

Firebringer U.S. trade


Editions and Cover Art




Dark Moon

When a tyrant seizes power among the unicorns, Prince Jan must discover the magical secret of fire.

Dark Moon U.S. trade


Editions and Cover Art




The Son of Summer Stars

Under the leadership of their battleprince, Jan, the unicorns unite to win back their homeland from wyvern invaders.

Summer Stars U.S. trade


Editions and Cover Art




In Progress




A four-part fantasy series for adults.

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Independent Novels




The Woman Who Loved Reindeer

The wisewoman Caribou must rescue her people with aid from a magical half-man, half-reindeer.

Reindeer U.S. trade


Editions and Cover Art



Treasure at the Heart of the Tanglewood

With no memory of her past, Hannah never thinks to question her enchanted captivity in the Tanglewood until a black-haired young knight arrives, determined to battle a monster and recover a treasure that Hannah knows do not exist--or do they?

Treasure U.S. trade


Editions and Cover Art



Shorter Works


"The Woman Who Loved Reindeer"

novella in Moonsinger's Friends

The first five chapters, published as a novella in this anthology honoring Andre Norton.

Moonsinger U.S. mass market


Editions and Cover Art




novella in Four From the Witch World

Heir to a beleaguered island kingdom, Alia receives unexpectged help from a mysterious seasinger.

Witch World U.S. mass market


Editions and Cover Art



Where the Wild Geese Go

illustrated storybook

Daydreaming Truzjka must use all her wits on a magical quest to save her dying grandmother.

Wild Geese U.S. hardcover


Editions and Cover Art




short story in Jabberwocky

Gunther and Demian-Guendolyn must outwit the powerful enchantress who has imprisoned their land in an eternal winter.

Jabberwocky magazine


Editions and Cover Art





"The Fall of Ys"

short story in Firebirds

Only Myramond's second sight can discern the king's unspeakable secret and rescue the people of Ys from destruction.

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A collection of fantasy stories from Penguin Putnam, spring 2004.

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