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Excerpt from

"Out of This World:

Science Fiction Booktalks for the Adolescent as Public Library Sponsored Programs in the Schools"

VOYA, August 1991 (V. 14, No. 3)

VOYA magazine

. . . Programming is "one method to involve young adults directly in the library by providing activities that speak to their interest,"(10) and booktalking is one of the best types of library programs for reaching young adults. The focus of booktalking is always "to stimulate those who, except for class assignments, aren't reading at all[,] . . . to lure readers . . . to the pleasure and power of . . . books."(11) When public librarians take their booktalks to junior and senior high school classrooms, they avail themselves not only of "a chance to reach the maximum number of teenagers . . . in the minimum amount of time,"(12) but the perfect opportunity for integrating public library programs with the school curriculum. . . .

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