Moon and Unicorn

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Excerpt from

Dark Moon

volume 2 of the Firebringer trilogy

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. . . Tidewater spilled into the canyons suddenly. Jan found himself running through seawater up to his pasterns, flinging sheets of spray with every step. Only three gryphons remained in pursuit, green tercels all. Their shrieks tore at his ears. The cliffs sang, shuddered with stormwind. He heard the hammering of waves just beyond the canyon wall.
More seawater poured into the chasm. Halfway up his shanks, its depth impeded his gallop. Rain pummeled down. The tempest howled. Jan plunged on, limbs straining against the turbulent water's pull. The canyon ran straight now, without a bend. If he did not find a way out of the Cliffs soon, he realized, he might well drown.
The cliffside opened abruptly before him. Jan glimpsed beach and storm-filled sky. Only a single gryphon's voice trailed him now, the others all lost, or dashed to their deaths, or given up. Seawater crashed into the opening, the swell up to his knees, its undertow fierce. Furiously, Jan fought his way through the inrushing tide. The gryphon behind him shrilled in fury, so close the sound sliced the prince's ears.
Suddenly he was free of the cliffs, in a tidal trough deep with running sea. Firm ground lay within sight, a rocky beachhead only a score of paces beyond. Jan plowed toward it through the foaming surf. Again the gryphon's savage cry. The dark unicorn felt talons score his back, a razor beak striking the crest of his neck. He bucked, dodged sharply. Great green wings slapped the waves to either side. The raptor's grip tore into his flesh, fastening upon his shoulder blades. . . .

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